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Important! Candeo Design stops the business activity since November, 2005 due to its re-branding and transformation to WebArsenal Internet Company. The information on the pages is not actual any more. Contact us at WebArsenal web site.
We provide you high-quality and professional web-design and other related services. The main branches of our web-services are: web-design, logo identity, banner-making, hosting.
We use reliable web-technologies to achieve fast, easy to use and cost-effective internet solutions for your e-business needs. Read more about our web-technologies..
We take care of every our customer. Our support team is fast and kind and always give a good recommendation to help you to make a right decision.

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Banners creation.

We will make series of effective and attractive ad banners for promoting your web site, your software applications, other promotional needs of you internet business. You can choose any size of banners (46860, 100100, 12060, etc..) any graphical format (static/animated jpg, gif, flash).

Our portfolio: Banners

This page contains some examples of the recent banners which were made by our design agency. If you want to make an order for banner creation or if you have questions, please contact us for detailed information.

Banners for AtomicPCClock


Banners for programs of ReGet Software


Banners for web site: Russian Boston


Banners for internet shop: Wstore

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Identity, logotype design portfolio

Application skins, gui-design portfolio

Splash-screens, nag-screens, custom 2d/3d design work

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