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Important! Candeo Design stops the business activity since November, 2005 due to its re-branding and transformation to WebArsenal Internet Company. The information on the pages is not actual any more. Contact us at WebArsenal web site.
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Splash-screen, Nag-screen, 2d/3d design work

We will make attractive and modern splash-screen for your software application or nag-screen for shareware products or other custom 2D/3D graphical design work.

Our portfolio: Splash-screens, Nag-screens

This page contains some examples of splash-screens and nag-screens which were made by our design agency. If you want to make an order splash-screens or custom 2D/3D design work, please contact us for detailed information.

Nag-screens for ReGet Junior 2 & ReGet Deluxe 2

наг-скрин для программы ReGet Junior  наг-скрин для программы ReGet Deluxe

Splash-screen for WinMP3Locator 2 / FileLocator 2

сплэш-скрин для программы WinMP3Locator  сплэш-скрин для программы FileLocator

Splash-screen for ReGet 1.7 / ReGet Deluxe

сплэш-скрин для программы ReGet Deluxe  сплэш-скрин для программы ReGet 1.7

Splash-screen for ReGet Junior 1.0

сплэш-скрин для программы ReGet Junior 1.0

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